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Unbelievably Positive Experience!

Chelsey is remarkably good at what she does (acupuncture, cupping, body work, & yoga). She has a calming way of sharing her expertise in healing therapy. She reduced my anxiety and assuaged my aversion to needles by thoroughly explaining the technique. I felt safe and comfortable from beginning to end. She identified the nature of the back discomfort I was feeling, and took into consideration all possible factors contributing to my condition. I never would have thought I'd elect to explore acupuncture, but I'm so grateful Chelsey walked me through it in her gentle way. I felt considerably detoxified by the cupping therapy, and incredible relief of tension from the acupuncture. I would highly recommend treatments from Chelsey Mollin to anyone, without any hesitation. Whether your condition is severe or even if you are just curious about exploring alternative medicine, consult with Chelsey and she will guide you with complete professionalism to the amazing healing you deserve.

⭐️Joshua Williams

Chelsey is a fantastic practitioner, movement expert, and healer. She is compassionate, gentle, and thorough. Highly recommended!

⭐️Bryan Isacks, LAc

Chelsey Mollin, LAc., RYT is compassionate and intelligent in her approach with patient care. She listens and addresses the root of patient ailments and is sought for guidance on how to naturally overcome common health concerns. She is known for helping patients find their way to true health without the side-effects and health hazards of drugs. She practices what she preaches by living a healthy balanced lifestyle and has long term experience with natural health, yoga and meditation and the therapeutic applications of these practices. Aliyah Health offers natural solutions to real health problems with individualized care utilizing acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, guasha, eastern bodywork, dietary therapy and yoga. Whether you suffer from acute or chronic problems, pain, menstrual problems, want to promote fertility or want to promote longevity and feel good, this is who you should see.

⭐️Quinn Caya, LAc, RYT

Chelsey has worked wonders for my migraines, back/neck pain, and anxiety. She is incredibly knowledgeable yet down to earth. Not only will you feel relief from your ailments but you’ll also feel cared for and heard, and set on a positive path with lifestyle guidance based on traditional Chinese medicine.

⭐️Hannah Guyon, LAc, RYT

Chelsey Mollin is one of the kindest, passionate and thoughtful Chinese medicine practitioners that I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. She is very determined to treat the underlying issues that patients seek treatment for, and goes above and beyond for those she treats.

⭐️Dr. Sara Scrivano, DC, LAc

Chelsey Mollin is a very bright, attentive and caring acupuncturist who provides me with treatments utilizing acupuncture and cupping for shoulder arthritis and recovery from recent arm surgery. She has made me confident in her approach to healing and I am feeling the results in just a short period of time. Her guidance on diet and exercise have improved my lifestyle and general health. Chelsey is a true professional and I would recommend her to anyone that is interested in improving their health.

⭐️Dan Queri

Chelsey Mollin, LAc and owner of Aliyah Health is beyond! Excellent acupuncturist and herbalist. She treated me for chronic knee pain and also released my psoas and brought my hip thru mobilizations. Her bodywork is excellent! I love receiving Tui Na from her. Needling is smooth and easy. Cupping and gua sha are great too when you need it. Chelsey has highly skilled hands and is extremely smart and knowledgeable on all things TCM....Chinese medicine, nutrition, yoga, movement and more. She is always evolving and learning the newest research and books to include in her informed practice and treatments. She has a warm, caring presence.

⭐️Maribel Gil, LMT

Chelsey has been my acupuncturist for a little over a year helping me through stress, lower back pain, and colds. She is so attentive, thorough, kind, and knowledgeable. If you have ever been curious about Chinese Medicine and/or the healing benefits of Acupuncture, I highly recommend Aliyah Health.

⭐️Abigail Henson

Every treatment I’ve received from Chelsey Mollin has been extremely helpful! I’ve seen her for various things (digestive issues, back pain, STRESS relief) and every time I walk away feeling refreshed and relieved of the stress/aches/pains I came in with. I really appreciate how attentive she is and her calm demeanor always makes me calmer. I highly recommend working with Chelsey!

⭐️Molly Mcneel, AP

Chelsey has a thorough understanding of the healing arts and her calm and nurturing attitude will put you at ease right away. I couldn't recommend anyone more. Her experience, incredible knowledge and gentleness provide everything you're looking for in a practitioner. You won't regret giving her a call.

⭐️Dr. John Crawford, DC, LAc

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