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What is the Fast Mimicking Diet?


The Fast Mimicking Diet with Prolon is a protocol that taps into your bodies natural ability to heal through processes like autophagy & nutritional ketosis. Developed on decades of research by Dr. Valter Longo & his team, this easy to adhere to protocol combines the innate wisdom of the natural body with the advanced science available today to to bring our lives the long term benefits of purposeful fasting. 

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Have questions or want to see if the fast mimicking diet is right for you? Message me here & I would be happy to answer any & all of your questions.

What happens on the Fast Mimicking

Diet with ProLon?

*Activate stem cell-based renewal in the body

*Decrease weight and body fat while preserving lean muscle mass

*Maintain healthy levels of blood glucose, cholesterol, & blood pressure

*Tap into your bodies natural recourses & abilities to heal & repair

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