My story

Hi! My name is Chelsey Mollin & I am a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist & traditional Chinese herbalist. Growing up in the Syracuse area, I am excited to be here to share all I've learned over the years about health & Chinese medicine. I studied the art of Chinese medicine at the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Seneca Falls where I earned a Bachelor of Professional Studies, a Masters of Science in Acupuncture, & a Masters of Science in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. I work with the mindset that everybody has the ability to heal their bodies & their minds & that the modalities provided by Chinese medicine serve as a tool & a stepping stone to help you harness that power. My goal is to help you meet your goals!

What is Aliyah?

Aliyah עֲלִיָּה is the Hebrew word meaning to ascend, to rise up, to climb to higher places. Most often associated with people’s ascent towards Jerusalem when they move to Israel.

The idea of Aliyah and Israel itself just fires me up & inspires me & I chose it to represent my practice in hopes of extending that spark out to my patients in regards to their health. The mission being for everybody to always be ascending to higher places.


Syracuse Metta Wellness

1001 W Fayette St #1S,

Syracuse, NY 13204



Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese dietary therapy

Fire cupping

Gua sha

Tui na


Movement rehabilitation

Cosmetic acupuncture

I'd love to hear from you, contact me here:


by appointment

Wednesday - Saturday


Schedule by phone, email or via the MINDBODY app on your phone.


I do not participate directly with insurance companies. However as an out of network provider I am able to provide you with a superbill of your treatment for your insurance company to reimburse you directly. 

Cancellation policy

Please be mindful of the value of your appointment time & allow for at least 48 hours notice for cancellations. There is a $40 fee for appointments cancelled without 48 hour notice.


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